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20/02/2019 By Leila Kotori

Character Work and my Process

It is not as easy as just learning lines, as any actor knows alot of work goes into creating a production. From an actors point of view we have to give so much to bringing a character to life. I wanted to share my process.

19/02/2019 By Leila Kotori

My new head shots with Roberto Vivancos

Getting new head shots and choosing a photographer can be a real ordeal, so here is how I got mine!

06/02/2019 By Leila Kotori

Be authentic!

Originality is always best, but what the hell does it really mean to be authentic and why is it so important!

14/01/2019 By Leila Kotori

Happy New year......if a little late..oops

A little late update on what is going on with me!

17/09/2018 By Leila Kotori

Blame is a winner

Blame won two awards at the Oniros Film Awards, Best Producer and Best Pilot!

26/07/2018 By Leila Kotori

'Leaper' Film

Behind the Scenes Fight training for the short film 'Leaper'


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