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03/05/2018 By Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori Talks to Louisa Warren

Today I chat to Lousia; Actor, Director, producer and founder of Champdog Films!

26/04/2018 By Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori Talks to Caroline Hardwick

Today I am talking to Caroline who is a Law of Attraction practitioner, NLP and Life Coach. We chat about living positively and just what is the law of attraction.

25/04/2018 By Leila Kotori

My Murder Mystery weekend

No I didn't go on a actual murder spree, but my character did commit murder! Just the once! Here's a little about what I got up to!

16/04/2018 By Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori talks to Ritchi Edwards

Interview with Actor and Friend Ritchi Edwards

09/04/2018 By Leila Kotori

Life/Work Balance

Working every day of the week but maintaining some kind of balance, life is for living!

03/04/2018 By Leila Kotori


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