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21/05/2019 By Leila Kotori

What's been going on..

A little update as to what I have been up to

03/05/2019 By Leila Kotori

'I feel Nothing' #mentlhealthawareness

Having suffered with depression on and off for many years I wanted to do a piece that reflects what is sometimes a daily struggle. Depression can come in many forms and is different for each individual, it's incredibly important to be mindful of this and be aware of how others maybe feeling. If you are suffering at the moment please remember there is always someone out there willing to simply listen and help.

12/04/2019 By Leila Kotori

'Going, Going, Gone' Monologue

Decided to do another monologue.....just for the fun of it

29/03/2019 By Leila Kotori


My Monologue for the Mandy Competition

29/03/2019 By Leila Kotori

Fun Artwork

A few pieces of comic character artwork designed for me!

06/03/2019 By Leila Kotori

Oscar's 2019

A little late posting this, but here is my thoughts on this years Oscar winners.


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