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26/07/2018 By Leila Kotori

'Leaper' Film

Behind the Scenes Fight training for the short film 'Leaper'

19/07/2018 By Leila Kotori

Inspired Action

Feeling uninspired, deflated and no matter how hard you work nothing changes? Well you may well be coming at it all from the wrong angle!

31/05/2018 By Leila Kotori

Your Dreams are your own

No dream is too big! I live by this. But it should also be remembered the no dream is too small. Not everyone wants some massive monumental awe inspiring dream to happen!

23/05/2018 By Leila Kotori

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Attended this years Cannes Film Festival and part of the @yesshecannes #shesquad

03/05/2018 By Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori Talks to Louisa Warren

Today I chat to Lousia; Actor, Director, producer and founder of Champdog Films!

26/04/2018 By Leila Kotori

Leila Kotori Talks to Caroline Hardwick

Today I am talking to Caroline who is a Law of Attraction practitioner, NLP and Life Coach. We chat about living positively and just what is the law of attraction.


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