Your Dreams are your own

Your Dreams are your own

There is alot at the moment especially on social media about dreaming big, following your dreams, hustling hard to get the best that you deserve. I believe in all of that, I have a big dream of being one of the most successful Film actors....Ever! I know big shout, but that is my dream, my passion, my chosen path to journey down. 

I love all the motivational posts (I post alot too), inspiring videos by some of the worlds most successful people and the general shift in people in believing that dreams can come true if you work for them, but I think this has lead to those with smaller dreams feeling like their not doing enough!

Not everyone is the same though! If your dream is to be a Mum, get married, own your own house....then that is an awesome dream because it is yours! And because any dream is important no matter how big or small. Just because others are these hard hustling, grinding, big dreamers it doesn't mean that your dreams aren't just as important. 

No one should feel they are not doing enough, they are not worthy or that they are not important, these feelings only arise when we compare to others. We judge ourselves on others journeys! Stop! Everyone's life is different, so it makes sense everyone's dream will be different as will the path they take to reaching their dream.

What is important is what you do with your life right now in the present moment, because the NOW is the only place we have any control over. The NOW is the most important thing. You may have these amazing dreams but if your letting life pass you by on the way to your goal you will never be happy once you reach the end result. Be happy in the now.

Here's a little video I did recently on the topic


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