What's been going on..

What's been going on..


I have not been on here in  while, in fact I have not done a lot for a while. I feel like a may have lost my Mojo somewhat! Hahaha. The writing, videos, positive posts and drawings have all come to a grinding halt and I am desperately trying to find the energy again to get everything back up and going. You must have had those moments too when you know what you need to do, but fail to just do it! LOL. It is hard work to constantly stay on it and be creative as possible to get to where you want to go, sometimes a little break is just what you need! 
Not everything has come to a halt though, last week I was filming for a feature Film 'Witches of the Water' by Champdog films which sees me playing an evil Siren. The cast and crew were literally amazing and some of the hardest working people I have gotten to work with. I must admit submerging myself in the cold English sea at 3 am was something of a massive jolt to the system (what we do for our art)! Despite being incredibly cold I had a lot of fun and finally ticked off my list playing a horror character! 
Check out Champdog website for updates on all their films: https://www.champdogfilms.com/
and the 'Witches of the Water' IMDb page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10278386/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1
Alas this year due to filming commitments I was unable to attend Cannes Film festival, the first time in 6 years I have not attended, but I couldn't of missed it for a better reason! My bank has definately appreciated the absence of Cannes this year...and probably my liver too . Plus there is always next year!!!!!
For any of you that are having a bad day or maybe just not having a very inspiring day, use this affirmation:
'From this point forward, today will be a good day' - REPEAT throughout the day
What's the point in an affirmation you say? Well it is isn't magic, you're not suddenly going to have the most epic day ever from saying this affirmation....but it will redirect your thoughts. If you are in a negative slump your mind will refuse to find anything good.
Ever had a bad day that just keeps getting worse? Ever repeated to yourself on those days...'Could this day get any worse' ...and then it does get worse? I know I have! I am not saying the day won't get worse, but you may be able to put yourself in a better mind frame to deal with it. Rather than stressing or getting upset, you repeat the affirmation and remain cool,calm and collected! A much better place to be in for the mind and body!
So I promise I will be back with videos and more regular updates but for now
Peace and Love

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