What kind of energy are you giving off?

What kind of energy are you giving off?

After a week of being ill, I am finally feeling better and energised to tackle some of my goals. Whilst I was ill though I listened to and watched loads of uplifting content. I focused alot on stuff about energy! The energy we put out effects everything around us, you know what I mean, when you wake up up in a bad mood, your energy is so negative just everything that day goes wrong in every possible way. Even the smallest of things going wrong is enough to send you on a murderous rampage! (Just me?!) And you will find people just don't wana be around you, and who can blame them, the energy you give off is effecting those you come in to contact with. Have you ever been in an epically great mood, nothing can bring you down and then you bump into a friend who is angry, bitter and in such a mood, and bam after a few minutes your lovely mood is shifting! Infact your even pissed  off at your friend for putting you in such a mood, next thing you know, you have stubbed your toe on the very obvious table, had someone who came out of no where spill a drink over your new top, then had to buy a new top none of which are in the sale (even though there is a huge sign that says SALE), and the world and his wife are on the roads! By the time you get home you have all but given up hope of life and curl in a ball waiting for the apocolypse! Sound familar?!
That is how much one persons energy can effect you! 
When I walk on set or into an audition I bring in the highest energy possible, not only does it effect those around me but it ignites more creativity. Being a highly energetic person inspires others, a few that come to mind are the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, Tony Robbins, Oprah etc etc these people inspire millions, they are in control of their energy cos they have a rock solid mindset of where they wana be and what they wana do! They want to achieve all their goals and dreams and so they keep their energy clear of negativity, essentially they dont have time for that bullshit!
We are all energetic creatures as such we must be militant and what kind of energy we subject ourselves too and what we subject to others. Everyone has down days, everyone has stuff go on that effects our lives, but we can't let that energy fester, take some time, wallow, chat it out, cry, scream...whatever you need to do but then find a way to raise your energy to one thats more positive. STOP being around people who constantly complain and who always have low energy (You know the ones who can't help but bitch and moan about everything, everyday, all day), keep highly energetic people around you, surround yourself with people who have unwavering faith in you and themselves.
You have greatness inside you, don't let the bullshit win!

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