Vlog time from the new Pad

Vlog time from the new Pad

Here is my first Vlog from the new Pad, I got my own office/meditation/writing/filming room, and I love it!!! It is so nice to have my own little space, and we are loving the new flat. Our Dog Zeus is in his element getting us all to himself.

So the country is in melt down because a little snow has fallen?! Hello people most of Europe have to deal with 5+feet of snow every winter and we are flipping out over 5cm of it, well in my area not even that, like literally a light dusting. I would love to see some actual snow, I am very jealous of everyones videos, it wouldn't suprise me if we get rain here! Haha!

Anyway, on another note I am going to be vlogging alot more, now I have my own space it will be alot easier, but I have also been watching alot of Amy Landino who wrote 'Vlog like a Boss' she gives some really insightful info on getting your brand noticed online. As with any Actor, you are your brand! If you haven't heard of her check out her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/savvysexysocial/videos

Here are some other people I watch on a daily basis:

Aaron Doughty

Holly Matthews

Ione Butler - uplifting content


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