Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Happy New year to you all.

I decided to start my new year off with a little photo shoot of my book to use as promo for social media. All taken by yours truely!

Nothing fancy, just a little fun whilst in lockdown! If you haven't got your copy yet you can find it on Amazon:


I am also back to writing the second installment of the Powerborn series; 'The Alliance' and it feels so good to be back writing, especially during these uncertain times. To be able to keep creative makes such a difference and I just love watching how my story and characters evolve.

Some writers have a specific process that they go through prior to and during writing, I can honestly say I have no such process, I am solely led on impulse and just write what comes to mind in that moment. To the experienced author this may sound ridiculous but it is always how my creative side has operated, I am a big fan of improvising!

I will be releasing teaser pages as well as the book cover design over the next few months, with the aim to release late summer 2021.

For now, peace and love



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