Oscar's 2019

Oscar's 2019

The oscars...what did everyone think?

Well I had to watch it back on catch up as I closed my eyes for a nano second and then missed the whole thing! Epic fail!
But on the catch up I absolutely loved it, the fact there was no official host was really good, it meant no corny cringy jokes, which I always feel let the event down. Although I have to say I think Kevin Hart would of been hilarious!
So let's start with the biggies..Best Actress...Olivia Coleman was just amazing. I mean it was such a deserved win, her performance was fantastic and I had been routing for her from the start. After the BAFTA's I had a suspisicion she would scoop the award (even if everyone thought it would be Glenn Close)...I should have put money on it! But her speech was hilarious, she is just naturally such a funny person, I had to watch it twice and laughed more the second time. Only a brit would have the balls to blow a raseberry at the oscars! She looked genuinely shocked to have won, there was nothing forced about her speech, she still kept herself graceful in the face of such a massive surprise. She is just a woman we can all relate to, she is not one of these epically huge untouchable stars (sorry Lady Gaga!) she is one of us, her comment about when she used to clean and pretend at winning an oscar....well who hasn't done that! Her win goes to show that the top success does not come over night, she has been working  away for years in the business and now in her mid 40's she has finally won an oscar! There is hope for us, very few have overnight success, behind each success is mountain of hard work and obstacles.
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Next..Best Actor. Well I don't think anyone was surprised by Rami Malek winning this one, unfortunately I don't think any of the other actors really got a look in. I have not yet seen Bohemian Rhapsody so I can't really comment too much, but personally I would have liked to of seen Bradley Cooper win, as I thought his performance in a Star is Born was incredible. But maybe I will think differently once I watch the film.
There were quite a few of the oscar films that I have not yet watched, but I was blown away by 'A Star is Born' and 'The favourite', I would of liked them to pick up more awards, especially Rachel Weisz for best supporting actress, but that is just my personal preferance. I have seen Regina King in other roles and know she is an excellent actress, and I loved that her plus one was her Mum!
Again not a surprising win for Mahershala Ali, as with the best actor win I don't really think anyone stood a chance against him. He always gives a very understated performance that really draws you in, there is no seperation between him as an actor and his character, he just effortlessly molds into his character. Very well deserved!
Best director I have to say I was disappointed with, I have seen parts of Roma and I am just not a fan (it is just not my type of film). Sorry to all the Roma lovers (I can have my own opinion), don't get me wrong the film is very high quality and displays amazing talent, but I was not moved by it. For me a film needs to move me. With that in mind I would have liked to see Bradley Cooper win, I really was entralled by 'A Star is born' and to capture parts of that film Live in concert I thought was a great achievement. I was gripped from start to finish by every aspect of that film.
Best Picture 'Green Book', again I have not yet seen this one, but from the clips and synopsis I can say it seems deserving of the win, I think everyone had 'Roma' pinned for the win.
This years oscars were fun to watch, I know some people think them too political or a load of pompus shit, I on the other hand love film and so I enjoy watching the best of this industry get acclaim for their hard work.
I only saw one dress shuffler this year, I still wonder just how much they get paid to shuffle dresses for photos! There is hope for me yet to make it to the oscars!!Leila Kotori..dress shuffler! Hahaha.
Anyway whether you love or hate the oscars I just hope if you are part of this business you make an effort to see at least one of the oscar nominated films, it was someones else's passion put out there for us to see. We all want our work to be seen, no matter the platform!



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