My Murder Mystery weekend

My Murder Mystery weekend

What I got up to this weekend other than hitting the beach and enjoying the sun!

Well I had two murder mystery events to do, one was circus themed and the other was 1920's Speak Easy theme (always fun to work on my american accent).

Have you never been to a murder mystery? Well if not basically what happens is you go for a meal at a hotel etc and throughout the evening a bunch of actors immerse themselves in the evening, resulting in a murder. Then the audience has to work out who did it!

I do these with a company local to me 'Candlelight Theatre'

I have been working with the company for 6 months now and performed at a variety of locations some of which are truely spectacular (got to kill someone on the stage at Plymouth royal Theatre). I have got to play the derranged, the killer, the slightly odd, the victim and more often the complete bitch (I seem to play this role well, no idea why!)

Each performance has a basic script, aka bullets points as to what should happen and then the rest is entirely improved, with a quick 15min rehearsal to basically go over the bullet points and who is which character. Then its time to get in character and stay in character for a full 3 hours, because unless you die you have to stay in the room with all the people getting increasingly more drunk. This is a challenge, the audience like to keep you on your toes, asking questions, getting a back story on your character, trying to trip you up as best they can! This becomes even more fun when you have an accent to do, I have to say it's the best practice I have had, most of the time when filming you have to keep the accent going for like 5 mins tops at a time, keeping it going for 3 hrs gets difficult and even more interesting when people ask you to say specific words! That one word that can make your accent crumble around you! haha it is all good fun. I think I now have the america accent nailed, saturday I successfully got through the entire evening without a slip up!

Friday's murder mystery was a brand new story 'Murder at the Circus' at the beautiful Churchston manor inn (also one of the most haunted buildings in the South west), this time I did not play the bitch or had to do any accent. This was really fun to do as it was the first time any of us had performed with this story, the audience really got involved and seemed to have a good time.

Saturday we travelled to Swindon for a suprise 60th birthday, she had no idea about the party or that we would be there. In these cases it can either go really well or... well not so well! This time it was an absolute success, everyone was so captivated by what we were doing, people wanted to get involved and learn about our characters. 

I know some companies work differently but I strongly suggest to the actor getting involved in one, its a learning experience and a great way to work on your improve skills!

I don't have another one for a few weeks now as I will soon be heading off to the South of France for Cannes Film Festival! If you are going DM me!!! I can't wait.

Here is a little video of my weekend (Sorry I can't actually take my phone in when performing)


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