Every year the UK casting site Mandy launches a competition for all actors to submit a filmed monologue of their choice for a number of judges to view and vote the winner. This year I entered with a really fun monologue I found on line:


You can find the direct link on the mnady site:


I would love it if you could click on the link above and vote for me.

Doing this monologue has inspired me to do more, it is a great way of practicing the craft, this monologue I managed to learn and film in a day. Something that a few years ago probably would of taken me at least 2 days!

I don't just want to do monologues I find, but I also want to write my own specifically tailored for my own style of acting.

It is something to always remember, you can create anything for no cost, even if it is to simply keep practicing your art. Stop waiting for things to fall in your lap and just keep active.

Phones these days are virtually all 4k...write something short, film it, use an editing app if you dont have a laptop and post it on youtube. It really is that simple, don't be afraid of what people will think or compare to others who have great technology knowledge. They are doing their thing, you do you thing. Keep pushing, keep active, keep creating.

peace and love



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