Life/Work Balance

Life/Work Balance

How do you spend your weekend?

The vast majority of people work the week and then look forward to the weekend off. If your already doing the job you love and so can have those weekends to just chill and have fun, then that is great. I like many though am still working towards the job I love, so I have to strategically plan my weekend, integrating work and play. It is important to have some play time, especially with loved ones, it is like a refresher and will help sustain your focus when your are working, balance is good.. But unless I am going away I always feel I need to be doing some work, I can't not do some work towards my goal at the weekend, my brain won't just shut down, the only time it does is when I am meditating.
As is the case in the acting profession, you need to make a living inbetween the acting work, some weeks I am working 3 jobs as well as cramming in all the other creative work I do. 
Social media is a massive tool in getting creatives work out to an audience, I don't just sit there scrolling through peoples status's, I am coming up with content, creating my own videos, networking with like minded individuals, watching and learning from the big influencer's I follow, this may not seem like your standard form of work to most but it is. I know most entrepreneurs would agree with me and it is something we do everyday.
This weekend I had two audition pieces to do, I had to learn these and apply an accent, so researching the accent had to be done, then film it (not always a one take wonder!), that was my friday night! Saturday and Sunday I spent writing, creating content, brain storming ideas for youtube videos, rehearsals and working at the chinese for extra cash (Yes not so glamorous but necessary). I did manage my time for some fun and chill time down the beach and squirrel feeding (yes that's right!), though funnily I was filming for this vlog haha!
My point is if you really want something, if you want an extraordinary life doing what you are passionate about then you need graft, you need to manage your time, some sacrifices have to be made, whether that's giving up lie in's, getting up earlier to give you those few extra hours of work time that will free you up later in the day for some fun time! Or maybe you stop drinking, those hangovers are not conducive to work, let others party while you build your dream. It is importance to have balance of work and life, find what works best for you, For me it has been getting up earlier, thus giving me the evenings more or less free, but also outside of the day job I am actually doing work I love (videos, writing, networking, filming) so I don't see it as work and so I don't feel like I am missing out on my weekend.
Here is this weekends little Vlog
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