Leila Kotori Talks to Caroline Hardwick

Leila Kotori Talks to Caroline Hardwick

I have been super lucky to have had some awesome mentors in my life, one of which is Caroline, she has been my life coach for nearly two years and I have to say she has really helped me make a shift in my life. With her guidance and knowledge I have found not only am I more positive, but I am more focused, more driven and more open minded than I have ever been. This does not mean that I am dancing around off my nut happy every single second of the day, I am still human and so is anyone who learns the law of attraction, what it means is that I have found a way to better my life. To seek the positive in life rather than constantly focusing on the negative is a good thing! If you think more positively you actually seek out opportunities which then lead to success/changes, rather than stewing in your own pile of negative crap and doing nothing.
More people are becoming open minded when it comes to the law of attraction thanks to 'The Secret' (if you haven't seen it, head over to youtube now!) more people are shifting to a different way of living. Once you have started there is no going back.
I hope you enjoy the interview, Caroline is truly one of the most amazing people I know.

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