Inspired Action

Inspired Action

People are always going on about hustling and grinding hard, that you have to work so hard to get what you want! Yes this is very true, but let’s take a step back for a second! Take a real look at these hard hustlers and grinders, what is the common factor they all have? Think Will Smith, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Will Iam etc etc

They all have what seems to be unlimited energy! The grind and hard work does not seem like hard work to them, it does not frighten them, it does not leave them feeling deflated, to them it is absolutely natural to be highly motivated! To the outside person this can make you feel like a failure for not trying hard enough, for not trying to grind and hustle, this eventually ends up with you feeling unenthusiastic and tired of trying.

So let’s get this straight, the reason they can do all these things is because their own internal energy is in precise alignment with what they want, so much so that anything they do or set their mind to becomes effortless to them. They enjoy having little sleep because they are energetically inspired, the long hours, graft and sacrifices are not seen as a negative but a stepping stone to getting where they want to be.

It’s not all about taking action, you can take action repeatedly but still end up in the same place you had been before. So you take a different course of action and somehow you have made very little change again! So you start thinking, why oh why does nothing work out for me?! BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR OWN ENERGY!

It is becoming more known in society nowadays that we really need to work on our internal space, our energy, everything in this world is made up of energy (scientifically proven!) so it makes sense that our energy can effect anything around it! Don’t believe me? Google it, watch some youtube videos, there are a ton of scientists to back that up!

This does not mean we should sit on our arse, relax and wait for our energy to align, because then absolutely nothing would happen other than you feeling somewhat refreshed from having done bugger all. Action is essential too, but it is important to work on our energy.

I was listening to a youtube video by AbrahamHicks and this was said:

‘Don’t compensate your energy for action only. The action will be more successful if you align with the energetic flow of the universe. By repeating action with an attitude of digging in means you will not see the success and become exhausted because you are simply out of alignment.

Once you are energetically in alignment inspired action will come to you, the effort is inspired and it is fun, it is not seen as effort!

Once you are inspired you will want to act!’


This made so much sense to me as I always feel like I am not grinding enough, why can’t I hustle like others, I am not putting in enough hours etc etc and when I try to do more I literally make no progress! HUH! Maybe, just maybe this is partly because I have been neglecting myself, as in my internal energy!

It makes a lot of sense to me, I don’t know if it will for you too, take a look at the high fliers of the world, watch their videos, the energy they have is just bursting out! It seems effortless and they are having fun! That is what life should be like. If something doesn’t feel good then stop, re-evaluate, get in tune with you. Life is too short to be stressing over not grinding hard enough, if the grind/hustle comes easily to you and you enjoy it most of the time, you are probably in alignment and intouch with your energetic flow.

But if you’re feeling deflated and uninspired, take a little break, work on you. It does not mean you’re taking a step back and even if you did, that is still ok. Everyone needs a break at some point. Do what you need to to realign!

So a basic on how to re-align:

1. simple but start by eating better, everything you eat gives you energy, so if your putting in crap, you will feel crap!

2. don't need to be a gymhead, even a simple thing like a 30 min walk will make all the difference.

3. Get outside more... this can tie in with your walk. For me I literally feel more energised the moment I get to the beach. If you have no beach then a garden, river, field....we too often get in the habit of shutting ourselves in boxes..a house, a car, a office etc. Get outside and breath in the air

4. Meditation. This is so important, you don't have to sit there 'Omming' for hours, just 10 mins a day of just you time, no interruptions. And it is not a case of silencing your brain, when a thought comes along (which it will) acknowledge it and push it to one side.

5. Take time to do nothing, you do not have to be doing something every minute of every day

6. Sleep, everyone needs a different amount of sleep. For me it is not actually the amount of hours sleep I have but how deeply I sleep. quite often even after 8 hrs sleep I don't feel refreshed because I am light sleeping. By doing all the above and shutting down technology an hr before bed you will find you can have 5 hrs deep sleep and wake up refreshed.

7. Take action the moment some form of inspiration hits you, don't hesitate, that inspiration is your energy telling you you're close to alignment.

8. Stop comparing to others, if you need to come off social media for a little time

9 If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Trust your feelings, that would be your gut instinct. I don't mean however if your house is a mess and you don't feel like doing it let the place rot! Clearly you will have to do some things you don't want to, I am talking about career, relationships, life choices.

10. you need time out, take it. Your world will not end because you needed a break.




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