So there is a relatively new social media platform called Holonis, it is soon to smash it globally and if you want to build a following ahead of everyone else then you need to get on it! There are some super inspiring people on there and everyone is motivated to share their content. Content is the key though, creating your own good content as well as sharing others will make you stand out and increase your following too. Putting in the hours of actual work on social media, people always say its not good to be on social media for hours, but if you are building a business, looking for good content to inspire you, then why f**k not?! A friend of mine passed on this video to me of the legend that is Gary Vaynerchuck and this year I am determined to get on my content building and grow my social media following.

I am a business, I am a Actor, I am writer, I am a producer, I am a creator! One of the best ways to get my content seen is by spreading the word on social media.

I am still learning about the ways to do this so as I do I will post and share. For now here is the Gary V video, also get on and check out holonis www.holonis.com and tag me @leila-kotori



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