Happy New year......if a little late..oops

Happy New year......if a little late..oops

First off it is a little late ...Happy New Year

Better late than never
I have put off writing my first blog of 2019 for a little while, mainly because I did not know really what to write, when really I should of just started writing and watched what spewed out! lol
But I am writing one now, so lucky you! 
First off how are you all? Made all your news years resolutions? Broken any of them yet?
I resolved not to make any this year, instead my goal has been simple...to change my daily habits, they have not been huge changes that I can't keep but small ones. Last year I got meditating down and do it consistently every day. This year I have integrated affirmations and a gratitude journal, all in all extending my morning/evening meditation time by an extra 5 mins....what is 10 more minutes out of my day?!
Thing is I have made a decision this year to really work on my self, my inner self, I have watched alot of the really successful people in the world, and those who I know personally whose lives are really shooting for the stars and they all have this one thing in common..... they all put ina decent amount of time daily for 'self' work. WE all get so stressed and caught up in the day to day business of our lives that we forget to take care of the most important thing....ourselves.
I will also be making a great effort to watch what I eat this year, 'you are what you eat' don't you know!! I want to be more energetic and full of vitality and I think the reason I lack this alot is because of diet. I am not doing it to lose weight, I am doing it to feel better and food should make you feel better, give you energy. I don't know if you find this but sometimes after I have eaten I could sleep! And that is not right. I have pretty much cut out meat, which has actually made me feel better, I can't ethically cuddle my two dogs and then go eat a steak knowing that poor animal went through hell its whole life. I don't need meat to survive. I have already massively cut down on the dairy I use but have alot of work to do on that. So if any of you are veggies/vegans and have some awesomely simple recipes please let me know.
The other thing I will be implementing is trying not to give two shits about everything! It is not that I will go to not caring, but more not stressing about where everything is going, how I am going to do it, why it is not happening, why are others achieving quicker.......NO MORE
I got really wound up and stressed about it last year and it just does no one any good, I am going to chill and just enjoy more, I can still work hard and pursue goals, I will just have more fun doing it if I am not always stressing about the outcome! LIVE IN THE NOW PEOPLE
So onto the real fun stuff...Filming...eeek
The next exciting Feature film I will be working on is called 'Murder is Magic', it revolves around the classic Cornish folklore. I have been working a little behind the scenes on this one and I cannot wait for this to into production early this year!
At the end of last year I completed writing the series 'Blame', what originally started out as a short a couple of years ago has evolved into this 8 part series. Hartfelt Media and myself are now working to secure the funding needed to go into production for this, having won a few awards for the pilot (BEST PILOT and BEST PRODUCER....ah exciting aka me!) we are confident that we can get Blame into production late 2019, early 2020. Once funding is secured please watch out for castings as there will be some cracking roles we will need to fill!
Outside of filming I am still working creatively, I plan to start doing some more youtube videos again (which kind of fell off the radar at the end of last year), I am still writing my novel (over 100 pages in!) and I am getting back into drawing too. And you know what it makes me feel good, there may not be a big outcome for anything of this, but it makes me feel great to create ...so I do it! #zerofucksgiven 
So I think that is enough for my first blog back, keep you posted on my next video which I will hopefully do this week! No sorry I WILL DO this week! lol
peace and love xoxo

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