Fun Artwork

Fun Artwork

So I have been very lucky that my friend, the very talented Patrick Ryder (Director of 'Human') made some pieces of artwork for me. I literally love all things Marvel and DC, with the buzz of the new Avengers soon to be out he designed me these:

This one is my favourite!

Out of all the female marvel characters, Black Widow has always been my favourite just because she is so badass and she is only human!

I could never attempt to do any artwork like this, I think it is amazing what can be done!

I loved the new wonder woman film, I just thought it was great to finally have a a comic book film solely focused on a woman and there was no better person to play her other than Gal Gadot....well they could of asked me ;)

My dream since I started as a professional actress is to one day be cast in a Marvel or DC film, they are simply my favourite type of film! They have not cast the SheHulk yet.....I reckon I could smash that role:

One Day!!!

And just incase you have not seen 'Human' then you should head over to Amazon Prime and check it out:






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