Feel like giving up?!

Feel like giving up?!


Feeling like giving up? We have all been there right, when you lose motivation to do something, and you know by not doing it will result in you feeling more like shit than if you have just done what was needed! We live in a culture where we bitch and moan about nothing happening for us, but most of us do nothing about changing our circumstances, because it would be too difficult, because it would take too long, it's almost a sense of entitlement! You don't get from life what you want, you get what you fight for! You got to push, you have got to make the change. Someone right now is putting in the work to get where they want to. You have to keep moving forward no matter how small the step.
I love this quote by Mel Robbins:
'Stop waiting for the right time, there isn't one. stop sitting around and wasting life, get off your ass and live your life'
I have a clear vision and goal, I have sharp focus, I know where I am going. Some people have previously told me that its a ridiculous dream, its' too big a dream, aim lower?!!!! Sod that! I say  Shoot for the top, have big goals, dream big, then you will achieve big things. Never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big, that is simply their fear of not having followed their dreams! Don't hate these people, they are driven by their own fear and lack of dreams,prove them wrong! Show them what can be achieved.
The world is full of talented people who don't accomplish anything. 2-3% achieve a high level of success, take action everyday, fight for your passion,keep trying, you got to be motivated to try. Its a campaign, daily self discipline, commit to the long term no matter how hard it gets.
There will be days when you wake up and you feel it's too hard, that your not making as much progression as you would like, it could be very easy to give up. When I get these days I remember that I am in a privileged position that I can follow my dreams, do what I want, when I want. To live in the western world is a privilege, anyone of us can achieve what we want, we just have to stop being lazy and expecting it to happen instantly! There are millions of people out there in the world who do not have the same opportunities, who don't have the chance to follow their dreams! Think of that whilst bitching how it isn't happening now for you! Sometimes it can be my daily kick up the ass, but the more motivated and disciplined I get, the fewer times I feel like giving up. It's all about rewiring your mind, making small subtle daily changes will change your outlook, it will make you stronger.
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