Fail at what you love

Fail at what you love

So many people in the world are too fearful to pursue what they really want because of the risks and thought of failing. So they do work etc that is unsatisfiying, chosing to force themselves into living what is socially accepted as the norm! But guess what?! Yep you can fail at that too, you can get fired, made redundant, not getting that promotion. And it also has risk! Depression, anxiety and stress has never been higher in the western world! Could this be down to the fact that we force each other to see big dreams as nothing more than that, a dream, to become another office working zombie under the man! I love what Jim Carrey says in the video below, you can fail at what you don't like so you may aswell fail at what you love!!

I for one chose to follow what I love, I will take the risks with a leap and if I fail I fail, least I was doing what I love!


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