Exciting News!!

Exciting News!!

So many good things have been happening over the last couple of weeks. It is funny how quickly things can go from quiet to busy. I have found some really good auditions by using social media, that has simply come from following the right people, I have had 3 really great video auditions in the space of 3 weeks. I now have one recall which is awesome.

I am also booked for a music video this weekend, it is my first music video so really excited about it as it will be alot different to anything I have done before. This is being shot in the southwest so bonus there.
The short film 'The Aisle' production has been pushed back to October giving more time to work on locations, costume and that extra funding needed. It is a real great feeling knowing that you have something coming up that you can look forward to.
The most exciting news though is that I have been signed with an agent T-ypo Talent Agency (www.t-ypo.com) I have gone without an agent for a little over a year, during that time I have worked my best at getting the work I could but to move forward and gain momentum I needed an agent and I knew that. So I spent time refining my showreel (aka waiting for footage first), getting a new website, new headshots and really marketing myself online. And the work has paid off! eeek! yes! I am super excited for this next chapter in my career, hard work and patience is paying off, just you wait and see!
Keep your eyes peeled for my vlog, I have been a little absent with them due to being busy, but I am getting back on them! If you have any topics you want me to discuss just send me an email 



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