Devon Actress

Devon Actress

So I often get asked why I live in Devon and not up in London. I understand the pull to London, it has a massive hub of creative people, theatres and cinemas, the perfect place to network and immerse yourself in all things creative. Some say that unless you live in London you will never make it as an actor! WHY?

As an actor I don't live in London, I have lived a mere 30 mins outside London before, but now I live in Devon. I found living up near London fun but stressful, the cost of living was high and when your not being paid much that is a massive problem. It meant that all those networking events, screenings I wanted to go to I couldnt because I couldn't afford to. I am sure I am not the only to have gone through this problem. So I moved back down to Devon, where the cost of living is alot lower. By moving I have also been far more selective on the roles/productions I audition for, wheres as before I was going to everyhting and anything, by being more selective I have definately raised my game and got better results. 

However since moving to Devon I have a different problem, people don't want to hire you because you are not in London. If the project is only expenses and very low pay I can kind of understand, I say kind of because most will give £20-£30 in travel expenses and a mega bus to and from Devon is a max of £30, so really no excuse. But when a project is paid why is my choice of place to live an issue? I am the one travelling there, no one else but me has to drive. It's my choice! If it is because you want to have a meeting before the shoot then hello there is a little thing called skype! or with enough advanced warning I can actually drive up and attend. When I commit to a project I commit, no matter what the drive. Hell I have done a round trip to Norwich in one day for a shoot, thats 12 hrs of driving plus 9 hrs filming, but I loved the film I was working on!

I live in Devon because it is a beautiful place, some amazing locations and the whole vibe down here is calm, relaxed and generally happy. I feel more creative since moving back down here, I have written and co produced a film, I am writing more scripts and still getting auditions etc. I am on a mission to promote more filming down in the SouthWest, we have a hub of it in Bristol which is awesome but there are so many locations and creative talent down here taht deserve to be seen.

If your a fellow creative and living in Devon/cornwall send me a message!


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