March 06th 2019 By Leila Kotori

Oscar's 2019

A little late posting this, but here is my thoughts on this years Oscar winners.

February 20th 2019 By Leila Kotori

Character Work and my Process

It is not as easy as just learning lines, as any actor knows alot of work goes into creating a production. From an actors point of view we have to give so much to bringing a character to life. I wanted to share my process.

September 12th 2017 By Leila Kotori

Acting is your business

Even as an Actor, this is your business! Work it

August 23rd 2017 By Leila Kotori

Praise and support

stop tearing each other down, support each other

August 15th 2017 By Leila Kotori

Beach Life

Living in a beautiful area

July 24th 2017 By Leila Kotori

Devon Actress

Living in Devon as an Actress


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