Books! My Favourites

Books! My Favourites

I really love a good read, sitting down in the sun completely absorbed by a great story is my idea of a perfect chilled day. I read and I read often, as much as I love watching film and TV, there is something about using your whole imagination to picture the story. I do read alot inspiring books like 'Detox Judgement' By Garielle Bernstein or 'The 5 second rule' By Mel Robbins, not to mention pretty any of Tony Robbins books (if you don't know who he is just youtube him, the guy is a legend). But the books I read most often are scifi/fantasy books, yes I love all things magical, throw in a vampire or werewolf and I am game to read! I have tried reading other books, but I just get bored. For me a fantasy book involves all elements, you have your crime, theres drama, a romance or two, always plenty of action and adventure...I mean what more could you ask for. Plus the imagination of some of these writers blows my mind (JK Rowling, JR Tolkien), they literally make up a completely new world and sometimes even a language! I love that!

Fantasy/scifi isn't for everyone though, I get that but I wanted to share what I love. I mean I am writing my very own scifi/Fantasy book...yes that's right! 13 Chapters in this year already. I have had this book idea in my mind for over 10 years but just never got round to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard should I say), it is exciting to see where the story goes.

So here is a little video of my favourites


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