Blame is a winner

Blame is a winner

So I have been a bit absent over the last couple of months, and that is because I decided to take a little break! I found I was spending most of my day constantly searching for castings, constantly thinking about what posts I could do to increase my following, what videos to do, why things weren't moving forward, why others were doing better than me etc etc. You know what I mean right! We have all been there. So I decided I needed some time off to find my passion, to get inspired and to generally find some inner calmness. People are often so terrified of taking a break, especially in the film business, they believe that if they take a break they will either miss something vital or everything they worked so hard for will suddenly disappear! Well it doesn't disappear, it is still there and if you miss one opportunity or even ten, there are ten more to follow. It is ok to take a break and just reconnect with your inner creativity. I am feeling tons more inspired, so much so I finally finished writing Blame the series and I am so happy with the finished product, 8 episodes featuring all the characters from episode 1! I can't wait for the cast to read this and who we will cast for all the other characters.

Talking of Blame, we have some of the most amazing news.....we are award winners!!! We were nominated in the Oniros Film awards (@onirosfilmawards) for 9 awards in total and We have won two, Best Producer (myself and Shane Hart) and Best Pilot, with an honourable mention for one of our leading actors Ritchi Edwards. What is fantastic about these awards is that they are chosen by industry professionals, which is an amazing feeling to be acknowledged by them!
Ahhh I am award winning producer! So exciting. I know Blame has a great future ahead and I am excited for the journey Blame will take, with such an amazing cast and crew, I could not be more proud.


Check out Blame's promo trailer here:


New Trailer coming soon!!

On the other side of things I have been working heavily on my meditation, health and fitness. I have gotten back into my Yoga which had kind of been put on hold what with the new puppy and all, but now I am back at it and forgot how much I loved doing Yoga. I keep putting up my daily (or semi daily) positive posts, I find it so beneficial to me, if I am having a bad day it reminds to change how I am thinking. But I have had so many people message me saying how much they love my daily posts, it is so heart warming to know that those posts are having an impact, no matter how small. Even if it is just to make someone smile!
So I promise I will be back in full action soon, there will be videos again, interviews, blogs and more posts. For now I am just living in the moment with as little stress as possible, as an award winning producer :)
Peace and love xoxo

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