Be inspired

Be inspired


So this is kind of follow up to my last post about energy. As Actors we are constantly surrounded by others posting their successes online, seeing it in magazines, watching on youtube, it can be so easy to feel jealous or feel your not succeeding, that your effort are not enough.

But you have to remember you are only seeing the success part, the tip of the iceberg, you are not seeing these fellow creatives daily struggles, the hard graft that has gone on. Jealously serves no one, all it does is dampen your own energy and this can inadvertently effect your creative work. Instead look at these people and be inspired by them, they are working their own path, you have yours to carve. Stop dwelling on what others have achieved, aspire to achieve success like them, but recognise you cannot be just like them, you are you, you are unique, you have your own path to forge!

Here is my latest Video, enjoy

Please check out my friend Ione Butler's website - Uplifting content (, there are tones of motivational videos and great inspiring articles. (facebook -


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