Be authentic!

Be authentic!

So this year rather than making an new year resolutions, I just want to work on being more authentic to who I am! To really figure out me! So I decided to do a little digging into what being authentic really means and here is what I have learnt.
Being authenti is a lot easier said than done right! Authenticity/Originality is one of those qualities that is desirable and highly sought after, especially in this industry. The core concept of simply 'Being who you are' might just be one of the most difficult skills to master, it is elusive as it is powerful!
Why? Because the world thrives on inauthenticity from celebrities pretending to be real people, to false news feeds, politics etc etc. We live in a world that is disconnected, where you can easily hide behind a profile/status update or become a persona of what you think people want. Since we were children we have picked up traits where we have tried to imitate those we look up to, over the years these traits slowly layer up thus hiding our true self! And then suddenly we are told we have to be more authentic if we want to stand out!

"We treat being authentic as something we have, as opposed to something we are. Which can keep us from actually developing this trait, since we’re trying to attain something that, by definition, we already have"  

You go on any social media platform and there is a vast amount of clones, for example people all trying to be and look like Kylie Jenner, because that is what is popular at the moment (personally I do not see it, but that's just me). We are given examples of what makes a great actor, singer, director etc. Yes it is great to look at these people and what they have achieved. But to get where they have, they've done it as their own person and not based on a drive to seek approval or love from the masses!
Inauthenticity is playing it small, living out a dimmed down version of you and most people are not even aware of the ways they camouflage themselves. 

"If you are not living in alignment with your truth then you are not being authentic"

When you struggle to be authentic it usually stems back to deeper core belief of not being good enough as just you! Which is awful because we are all individually original in our own right, there is no other person on this planet like you and there are 6 billion of us! That is pretty amazing.
As such no success can come from being a follower,the chasers of status and wealth. The stand out successes we admire are not in the crowd. They know who they are, they are not worried about their position compared to others, they grow more confidently each day that who they are and what they offer is enough. They have a healthy Ego!

Authentic definition: "Representing one's true nature and beliefs"

So why is being authentic/ original such a hard skill to master?! Well it means letting go of your fears of rejection, disapproval, it requires you to take a risk of potentially not being accepted by people. But guess're never going to be liked by everyone. Even if you clone yourself to be more desirable, some people will still not like you. So you might as well just be yourself!
Once you learn to let go and essentially not give two craps, being you will then come easily, the more you shed and strip back to the genuine you, the more you will seek out others who are doing the same. Our culture is desperately wanting//needing more genuine, original people so be brave...face your fears.. stand up and have your own voice. There are people out there who want to listen to what you have to say.
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Peace and Love

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