30 day challenge

30 day challenge


I have decided that as of today I am coming off of all social media for 30 days! It is not because I hate social media, but I found that I am spending a stupid amount of time just scrolling and liking rather than doing something productive with my time. Last week I decided to try and clock just how much time I spent on my phone on SM, and I was suprised that I would spend nearly 2 hrs a day on there! Thats 14 hrs a week I will never get back! That equates to 672 hrs a year, so roughly 11 days of my year is on my phone!

To me that is shocking, now if It was because I was doing something productive on there then fine, but I know only a fraction of that is being productive (seeking castings, networking etc).

Not only that but I found of late that I get incredibly low after I have been on the social media platforms, I try not to compare myself and my journey to others but it happens, and I have been feeling it more recently. And I don't want to feel like shit. I have great things going on in my life but as soon as I go on a platform and see someone doing something I wana do, I am suddenly at a black bottomless pit! It is stupid!

So I thought enough is enough, I am going to go without Facebook, instagram, Twitter and Holonis for 30 days. The apps have been removed from my phone and I will not access them on my computer for the full hog!

I want to test myself if I can be more productive with my time, I have already written a list of things I want to accomplish and have cracked on with some today.

I also want to be more present in the moment and really see the things/people in my life. For example, photos, usually I would take a photo cos I want it to go on instagram etc and then spend ages editing or getting the right shot, rather than just being present and enjoying what is going on around me! Now I can. As a little personal journal I am going to take a picture every day of something that has brought me joy, made me laugh or just something I am grateful for. I am a bit impatient when it comes to writing in a journal, so I think this will be better suited to me.

It has felt weird not to have anything to look at on my phone today, other than listening to music I have barely used it! But so far so good, I am not rocking in my chair and pulling my hair out, so that's a bonus!

I will be doing a weekly update blog, not just on this but on anything that springs to my little mind, hopefully it will be entertaining. lol.

Peace and Love



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